Thursday, December 31, 2015

My 2015 Reflections

2015 has taught me how to seize rare opportunities and be humble amidst proud moments and accomplishments.

It is during this year when I discovered and unlocked my potential as a college educator. I started to take on a turnaround in my career – from being a practicing reproductive health nurse to becoming a college instructor – since 2014. I thought it would just be one of those “I’ll-get-this-over-with” types of endeavors, which I usually do just for the sake of trying something new. However, it turned out that teaching was one of my untapped potentials and unkindled passions. I never thought I could teach my favorite high school subject (English) and one of the challenging ones I studied during nursing days (Anatomy and Physiology) – all in the same school year! I marvel the gift of teaching, for I have now a very good excuse to inculcate nationalism to as many youth as I could possibly meet and teach, in the guise of English and General Physiology instruction. *winks*

This year has also showed me how I am truly blessed to become a [struggling] working law student. If it were not for the toxic schedules both at work and school, I would not learn the value of hard work, perseverance, and humility. It was hard shifting gears from an eloquent college professor in the morning to an anxious and insecure law student in the evening who, despite reading and “munching” on tons of pages, still [feels] and appears clueless during recitations. These experiences gave me the maturity to approach problems and challenges with critical thinking and grace. I look forward to doing this until I finish my Bachelor of Laws in ______. (?)

As there is only a couple of hours left before the coming of 2016, I can only hope and pray that I be given another series of opportunities to enrich my studies and career; another set of challenges to make me stronger and bolder; and more love and affection so I could give more of the same to others. I know that there is nothing I couldn’t do with the guidance of the Almighty, my unwavering determination to achieve greater heights, and support from loved ones!

2016, please allow me to show the world, the universe rather, that I am confidently wonderful with a heart. 

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