Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Top Five Selfie Considerations to Save Your Credibility and Future

What is known before as the “solo” photo is now popularly coined as SELFIE. And what used to be a little awkward and embarrassing shot to make has now become one of the latest fads and favourites. Thanks to the era of smart phones and the technology of front-facing cameras, the cyber world is now flooded with gazillion of pictures and faces. Kidding!

Okay, before I proceed, please don’t get me wrong. I am not a hater of selfies. Actually, I love taking some for myself. I love how vanity is immortalized in every piece of Instagram or Snapee photo, and become available for the whole world to see. However, as I am also a believer, advocate, and “worshipper” of internet propriety, I see to it that my SELFIE-ing doesn’t go overboard. Notwithstanding the absence of a written code on taking photos for online upload, I strongly submit that people should do things the proper way.

Now, this leads me to the next issue – the relativity of propriety of selfie shots. Here in the Philippines, we see almost all types of selfies. There are those who selfie alone; selfie way too much; selfies with some breast exposure (Yeah, seen them myself!); with too much bangs; with overboard photo filters; taken with another person (which I think such shouldn’t be called selfie in the first place because there’s already two of you in the photo); selfie for a cause (like the one my friends did to support the passage of the Reproductive Health law, and which I think is the most guilt-free and most noble of all selfies); selfie with bling; and selfie with god-knows-what-in-the-world-he-is-doing-in-that-shot.

With all the multi-faceted variations I have encountered and observed in selfies, I had come up with my very own top five simple yet important considerations people should be doing to save their cyber world credibility and future. Here they are:

PUT A CONSIDERABLE DISTANCE BETWEEN YOUR FACE AND THE CAMERA. And this is something that most people often forget, if not neglect. Whether or not one has a remarkable face to flaunt, he has to understand that taking pictures still requires art and measure. As a simple rule of thumb, put your camera at least half your arm’s length from your face. Getting too close in the camera will make you look fat or large on cam. Believe me, it is never a good idea! Self-explanatory.

FLASH YOUR GENUINE SMILE. Since I am writing this blog for selfie beginners, why not take off from doing the fundamental? SMILE. Don’t do fierce shots yet, unless otherwise you are comfortable and used to doing it. Smiling brings out the best in anyone. It worked in group photos, so it should work on selfie shots too. All the more that it should work for it.

It takes more muscles to frown (and be fierce) than to smile; so, do the latter! :)

CUT YOUR SELFIE ACTIVITIES TO THE MINIMUM. There is no steadfast rule on how many shots one should take in a day or week. The number of selfies one takes is relative on his lifestyle and preference. Like in my case for example, I only do selfie whenever I have experienced an important and/or life-changing moment. But again, that’s just for me. No impositions to others. The ultimate guide for frequency, as most selfie-spectators would say, is to know your audience’s threshold. Translation: Don’t end up cluttering your facebook, instagram, and twitter feeds with your face.

TELL YOUR AUDIENCE A STORY. Some women include love quotes in their selfie shots. Others tell their readers where they at and what they had been up to. Basically, one can do just that. But nothing beats a good story or realization behind a picture. This can actually advance your selfie to the next level. Here’s an example:

The more one tells a story, the more people get interested to check out your selfie. Indeed, it's really one form of connection and communication!

JUST BE YOURSELF. Setting all caveats and sarcasms aside, I’ve always believed that taking selfies is a way to expose one’s vulnerable self; a good method to communicate; and a great venture to higher self-esteem and confidence. No matter what people say, selfies are taken for one’s own self (And I couldn’t think of any other reason!). Hence, take a selfie as who you are, not as some Hollywood star or Victoria Secret Model. 

Remember, the selfie shots or photos you put online may make or break you. Why ruin the opportunity when you can always make the most out of every upload?

Enjoy the selfie experience, dearies!


  1. thank you so much it helps me a lot for my project .. haha :)

    1. Hello! Am pleased to know that this blog entry/article had helped you in working on your project. Feel free to let me know how it turns out! :)


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