Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Blurbs from 2013 -- A Categorically Long Overdue Post!

Heya, 2014!

Okay, I know this is a bit "off". Posting at the beginning of a new year, without even writing more insightful and meaningful posts in the previous one, is by far the worst thing I've ever done in my writing and/or blogging career... Or maybe not. 

Anyway, I know I would have a year-long ahead of me to catch up both on the lost opportunities to write for 2013 (Oh please, I know there is such a thing!) and make this blog or website a whole lot better. Hopefully, more articles and projects to come up!

But for now, let me share with you the highlights and shortcomings of my 2013.

2013 is yet the most peculiar year of my lifetime. It gave me all sorts of things I never imagined I'd experience ALL AT THE SAME TIME. Pain. Success. Frustration. Hope. Challenges. Triumph. Uncertainty. LOVE. Freedom. Happiness.

2013 taught me the value of hard work and the importance of using the same to reach one's aspirations in life. It made me realize that reaching my dream should never be postponed and taken for granted. 2013 year has enabled me to advance further from the hiatus I had in 2012. Entering law school this year is by far the greatest leap I had undertaken -- a bold first step to reaching my lifelong dream.

Among others, 2013 also made me appreciate my true potentials and capacities as an individual. In fact, I had been surprised myself after finding out that there are things -- special things -- I am capable of doing. I never thought I can make a positive difference to most people I encounter and deal with. Even more, I never thought I can bring life-changing influences to them.

However, my 2013 is not a perfect year. It was also a life phase when I almost succumbed to challenges and yielded to frustrations. It has been a time when I almost doubted and gave up on myself. Part of it gave me a taste of one of life's sweetest yet most stubborn miserableness.

I would have to be honest about my feelings and/or reservations. I am happy that a new year is coming, which I would love to equate to new beginnings, clean slate, and HOPE. But then, given my unfinished businesses and unresolved issues in 2013, I am also having some fears of what lies ahead of me.

I can only hope that 2014 would be as good as my previous years, if not better! This year, I fervently pray that I would have more strength to continue on the journey I started in the past and courage to traverse new and unfamiliar paths. May I be blessed the perseverance to overcome challenges and accept those circumstances I know I can never change...

And finally, may 2014 teach me how to love and give more unconditionally. I hope I can use this year as a phase of HEALING and FORGIVENESS, so I can leverage to continue from where I took off in 2013. May I find just enough contentment so I can have more room to do more and improve. And may I stumble upon just enough sadness and frustration, so I can truly appreciate life's smallest and simplest joys.

The quoted year-in review is the same one I wrote for my personal facebook account. While I choose to open such profile page to family and close friends only, I made a Facebook called When Writing Means Sharing to give me the chance to connect with everyone. If you have questions, creative ideas you'd like to work on with me this 2014, or simply want to drop by and say "hi", please feel free to like the said page and send me a message. :)

As for you, what are your plans for 2014? I'll be glad to know. ;)

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